Chapter 66 The One With A Quick Guide To Singapore

So Sara and I did a speedy trip to Singapore over the weekend so we could extend our visas for Indonesia. With very low hopes for what had been described as just another big Asian city, I fell just a little in love with it and could have easily spent much longer amongst this wonderful melting pot of a country.
We stayed at The InnCrowd hostel which despite its brilliant location, free breakfast and low price, was actually pretty grim. It stank in every room so much so that breakfast tasted like feet and I felt like no amount of showering would actually make me cleaner…
Still, being in such a gorgeous city we were able to spend most of our time out of the hostel and enjoying Singapore!
Where to eat and drink…

Singapore is without a doubt expensive, particularly for food and drink, but there are a few ways we managed to mostly get around this!
Chinatown has a pretty reasonable food market and we had some beautiful duck dishes there for around $8.

For the cheapest food just visit one of the many hawker centres around Singapore. We grabbed some authentic Indian dishes at the tekka centre in little India for about $3 in total!

Haji lane and the surrounding area also has some gorgeous boutiques, restaurants and cafes. We ate Mediterranean deliciousness below the Blu Jaz Cafe there.
Marina Bay Area is worth a visit for late night drinks especially with views to the massive marina bay sands hotel. We had happy hour drinks at Kinki, a gorgeous rooftop Japanese restaurant, with views across the bay for the 8 and 9pm light show coming from the hotel itself.

We also found some fab happy hour deals at Little Saigon in Clarke Quay.

What to do…

The botanic gardens are beautiful and totally free to explore.
Chinatown is also awesome to potter through and has a brilliant food market.
We did a lovely walk from the Labrador nature reserve along the forest high walk to Henderson waves which has phenomenal views of the city and is again free to do. There are plenty of variations of this walk and you can extend or shorten it as you wish. The start is a little tricky to find but if you go by MRT to Labrador park you head left up the main road past the barracks and will eventually reach the start of the forest walk. From here it is very well signposted and the walk is glorious!
The gardens by the bay are well worth a visit, architecturally stunning and easily could take up a whole day. We paid the cheapest fee possible which was I think $16 for entry and a visit to one of the two conservatories. We opted for the cloud forest which had a huge waterfall through the centre and was super cumulative to London’s sky garden. Our final night was spent listening to a spoken work and live music open mic session at Blu Jaz cafe which was definitely a highlight – check their websites for details but entry was only $4 and for four hours of affective, hilarious and moving original work was so so worth it.



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