Chapter 61 The One With The ‘Traditional’ Dinner

The last few days have been a brilliant blur of sightseeing, teaching and embracing my final few days in this brilliant country. In no particular order (mostly because my memory is crap)… I have visited the gorgeous seaside temple Yongungsa and practiced my buddhist prostrations. I saw the sunset and the beautiful bridge at Gwangali beach with its impressive evening illuminations and feasted on hot sweet Wagamama style Katsu curry with my feet in the sand. I visited the famed Haeundae beach to be confronted with views of lorries moving sand about and massive building work so definitely a more disappointing destination! I took the cable car up to Geumgang park with the most incredible views over the whole city and got thoroughly lost hiking up there! I tried dwaeji gukbap which is like a beautiful hot pork and rice soup with all of these sides and dipping sauces and then its sister dish dwaeji gukmyeong which is with soft noodles and possibly even more delicious. I went out for combinations of the most incredible fried chicken I have ever tasted and Somaek which is essentially a local mix of beer and soju… I also feasted on pajeon which are these beautiful crispy pancakes and makeolli the milky white liquor served here in a huge bowl and dished out with a ladle! We’ve had as a consequence of hangovers and a few rainy days plenty of in-flat movie sessions with my beautiful housemates and my Asian movie education is slowly improving. 
For my final night I went with our boss Brian and 5 of my housemates for some traditional Korean dinner. If you are my sister and reading this please stop NOW and read on a sentence or two later! On the menu for the evening was this spicy ginger and chilli broth with juicy and tender cuts of dog meat….! It was really super delish and I felt I couldn’t leave Korea without trying it at least once! After a final game of beer pong I spent my last evening playing cards late into the night before some emotional goodbyes with my new found family!

(Photos; dog dinner 1,2, language cafe, delish dinner, cable car 1, 2, seaside temple 1-7, gwngali beach 1-5, language cafe, 1-3 delish dinners, haeundae beach 1,2)



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