Chapter 55 The One With The Island Sunrise

I spent my Wednesday hunting waterfalls and following costal cliff trails around the island. The views were pretty spectacular and whilst travelling from each trail start point was an hour or so by bus I maned to fit in loads more walking than I had anticipated. As quiet spots with a view often provoke moments of contemplation I began to think about what on earth I am actually doing out here! I feel like as someone who is pretty restless and loves to feel productive I am going to need to find some sort of project to work on. Whether it is a retreat to work on myself or a volunteering placement I think I need more than my blog and a good book to give me something to do while I explore! My thoughts were interrupted as I stumbled upon a Korean cover band playing the 007 theme tune outside a temple and my feelings of doubt and I guess confusion were definitely lifted! I found my way eventually to my new hostel on the east of the island which as run by some absolutely lovely Koreans who directed me to a place for a ramen and kimchee dinner before an early night.
I woke super early to take a trip out to Seongsan IIchulborg in search of a good sunrise. It was probably a combination of the cold and the slight run I paced up the hillside at that made me feel pretty invigorated for 5am. With a can of convenience store hot coffee as a hand warmer in my pocket I arrived at the sunrise peak greeted by a purple sea dotted with the lights of fishing boats. I settled on a viewing platform watching the cloud streaked sky become a rainbow of colours occasionally speckled by the black of diving birds. Being in Asia of course I had plenty of entertainment from my fellow tourists stumbling up in highly impractical wedges before taking selfies over and over again. I made it back to my hostel for this amazing free breakfast cooked by one of the staff of rice, topped with an egg served with crispy dried fish, smoked sausage and of course spicy kimchee! Feeling fuelled for the day I hopped on the ferry out to neighbouring island Udo to follow the 11km trail around its circumference. It boasted beautiful views, white and black sand beaches and I even caught a glimpse of the female haenyeo free divers who often are in their 60s and have the stamina to dive up to 20m without oxygen, diving equipment and until recently without wetsuits to collect seaweed and shellfish! Eventually I had to head to the airport and fly back to Seoul after a few short days of island living!

(Photos; Ramen, the cute towels at my second hostel, first glance of sunrise, then exploring the island!)



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