Chapter 49 The One With The Sunrise From The Airport Arrivals Door 

I made it to Zamami island after a particulately nauseating ferry ride so was glad to be on steady ground and dropped my bags off at the lovely (and only) hostel in the village. I was eager to catch some sunshine with a rainy forecast ahead so found my way to one of the island’s beaches to settle on some more perfectly white coral studded sand. I spent the day leisurely beach hopping and climbing my way through the thickly vegetated hillsides for views over the island and out to the sea. The weather held off and though it wasn’t blistering sunshine it was humid and warm and a perfect tropical island. I saw some brilliant sights from the adorable old men gardening sunflower gardens in the middle of the villlage to a couple taking wedding photos on the beach to a guy who passed me with a huge lizard on a lead on his shoulder! I grabbed dinner later nearby with a girl from my dorm who turned out to be a complete negative Nora entirely dissatisfied with anything we tried to talk about (…how can you hate the world when you are in PARADISE) but with my perfect peanut tofu and the most tender pork for dinner I was fully distracted. 

The next morning I was greeted with blue skies and sunshine and spent the whole day on the beach! I finally have a tan back and it is great! I met this awesome woman Diana on the beach who interviewed me for her national German radio show – yep national you heard it here first guys! We ended up taking the ferry back to the main island together and began a mission of feasting our way around Okinawa before my very early flight the next day. We managed to find an awesome local market filled with lanterns and outside tables where we tried beautiful barbequed dishes and the lethal local awamori liqueur! Bar hopping a round the island was hilarious and we tried Habu sake which is a rice wine with a venomous snake chilling inside the bottle followed by the best ramen of my life as a second dinner. Eventually I managed to persuade Diana that I needed sleep so headed back to my hostel for a few hours nap. I woke up at 5am fully prepared to be at the airport as usual 2 hours before my flight but as it turned out the tiny airport only opened an hour before my scheduled departure so I spent the morning watching the sun rise sitting on the pavement waiting for the doors to be opened…. Eventually I made it back to Tokyo and headed on up to Hakone where I am currently writing this. On my train journey I should also add that I tried my very first proper bento box and will post pictures below but omg so pretty and delish! I think it turned out to be sardine-y based with a load of other lovely bits in there too – I will be definitely treating myself again! But yeah currently I’m in the most awesome hostel with its very own hot spring onsen downstairs so have spent today soaking there and indulging in having a private room as dorms were full (secretly I saw that and was just thinking YES!). With free herbal teas on offer and another opportunity to cook fresh veggies for myself I’m feeling like a spa goddess and very ready for an early night!


Photos; the delish bento box on the train 1, 2, 3, My first dinner – the BBQ, Diana with our second dinner of ramen, the food market, my beach spot for the day on zamami island.


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