Chapter 36 The One With The Green Beers

Oedo antiques market happened to fall on my second day in Tokyo and of course as the biggest in the city I simply couldn’t miss it! It was held outdoors and each stall was painstakingly neat in its presentation of the most beautiful antique collections from both the Japan and the west including the most beautiful vintage silk kimonos for £7 each! Obviously I haven’t taken mine off since I bought it! Thoroughly in the shopping mood I headed to Shimokitazawa which was this perfect trendy area selling retro clothing and home to beautiful coffee bars and galleries complete with an amazing busker on one of the roof tops and a traditional Japanese home where I grabbed a lunch (as usual just pointing at the mysterious line of characters next to the cheapest meal on the menu!). This area was so far my favourite, like a suburban brick lane – all of the quirkiness just streamlined into perfectly laid out stores where even the bargain buckets of clothing were folded and colour coded, HEAVEN!

From there I decided to carry on my trekking and walked miles back the way I had come to Tokyo’s beautiful Meiji shrine via a ridiculously over the top St Patrick’s day celebration. It was a full festival packed with tents and people, several bands playing Irish jigs and tonnes of stalls selling green beers and fish and chips – not something I fancied I have to say! I finished off my day at the Tokyo obervatory which unfortunately offered a rather cloudy view so Mt. Fuji was largely hidden but by now I was exhausted so was much happier when the view of my hostel came into sight! I loaded up all of my gear and began my final trek of the day – this time just 20mins but with all of my things strapped onto my back in an increasingly heavy backpack I was knackered! My new hostel was less space age but had a gorgeous roof terrace and classic pod style bunk beds. I popped around the corner to grab dinner at a classic vending machine restaurant where you just order electronically and avoid having to attempt too much Japanese! After bumping into a guy who was also staying at my hostel as I ate my vending machine dinner we grabbed some beers at the local kombini (convenient store) and chatted away with the rest of the hostels travellers into the night! 

Photos (my new hostel balcony, the vending machine for dinner, Meiji shrine sake barrels, Meiji shrine gate, part of the Irish festival, pictures from shimokitazawa – above and below)



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