Chapter 32 The One Before I Go Solo!

Despite having arranged a cab for 5.30am, Dad and I were notified at 4.45 that ‘sir, madam your car is here’ and leapt out of bed feeling pretty dazed! Our plan was to head to Sarangot, a hillside town to watch the sunrise and hopefully catch a glimpse of the Himalayan mountain range! Our driver tried to palm us off at the lower viewing platform but being the intrepid adventurers we are, we left him there and trekked up countless steps, scrambling possibly through people’s gardens until we were at the very top! We were one of the first to arrive at the viewing platform and with the sun still hidden, the city was sparkling beneath us and the mountains were glittering above! We had been very lucky to be there on such a clear day so settled down on a step to watch the sun turn the sky a multitude of colours and gradually light up the peaks in front of us. Soon the tourist bus loads of people began to arrive and the magical silence watching the sun was broken. It was however no less an impressive sight and we were one of the last to then leave!
We tucked into a breakfast of half a Deliciously Ella energy ball after our requests for a sneaky packed breakfast from the hotel had been forgotten and began our hike to Kasikot and on to Pame through what we hoped would be an easy to follow mountain trail. The walk was gorgeous and we were the only people following the route so had the paths largely to ourselves aside from a stray dog that took to following us for the entire 5 hours…. admittedly we did get a little lost at one point and had to essentially slide down a 50m vertical bamboo grove to find the path again but made it into Pame a little hungry but victorious! Our guidebook had explained we could grab a cab from there back along the lake but confronted with extortionate prices for what we assumed to be a short trip decided to carry on walking. This was retrospectively a stupid plan – we had a mars bar and half a bottle of water between us and a crazily dusty and rather long road to handle. Luckily we spotted a local bus and after flagging it down, for 60p took the most jarring lay bumpy but much quicker route back! Once back at the familiar lake side town, we feasted in a sun drenched cafe on incredible mushroom burgers and the sweetest lemon meringue pie as a reward for our hard work that morning before collapsing exhausted! That evening we went for our final dinner together at our favourite restaurant Moondance and later strolling back in the dark it was honestly hard to consider a more perfect day to end our trip together! 


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