Chapter 31 The One With The Potato Festival

We took the tiniest of planes to Pokhara where we had planned to do another trek but with such little time we figured we should actually just relax a little! Besides, our gorgeous hotel had beautiful balcony with solid views of ‘fishtail’ one of the classic snow caped Himalayan mountains! We sent our first two days lazily exploring the lakeside town, lounging by the pool and picking up tourist tat to take home! We also made a visit to the hilariously old school “International Mountaineering Museum” to read about the Himalayan mountains and their climbers, check out life sized dummy figures dressed in various traditional local mountaineering people clothes, find jars of pickled frogs and of course visit a huge woollen Yeti model!
That evening, curiosity got the better of us as we decided to follow the posters pasted up around Pokhara for the local potato festival! Obviously we had no clue what to really expect but hopped in a cab and headed in what we hoped was the right direction. We arrived to hear Nepali music blasting and found ourselves at a huge stage where local politicians (at least this was our assumption) were grooving away with singers to a huge audience! The stage was the central attraction but plenty of food stalls lined the field selling fish on sticks and various other dubious kebabs! An incredibly old school funfair had been set up to one side where dad managed to win some out of date cider on a hoopla. To the left of the stage was the market stall section selling mostly shoes but plenty of clothes and random bric a brac. Of course being a potato festival there was a huge mountain of potatoes by the entrance and many of the performers on stage were wearing garlands of potatoes! With no translations available dad and I were just guessing as to what on earth was going on. We were also without a doubt the only western faces there so garnered a lot of attention and questioning from curious teens. After an hour or so of dutiful spectatorship however we decided to head back to the lakeside for the best pizzas I have possibly ever had at a place called Moondance bar and prepared with an early night for our 5am start the following day!


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