Chapter 29 The One With The Axe Wielding Man

Dad and I woke to a beautiful white blanketed view as thick snow had fallen on Melamchi overnight! We both huddled around the stove to watch Purna’s wife bake these mesmerising expanding chapatis on her stove and breakfasted on hot servings of them with omelettes and then peanut butter! I will definitely be practicing Nepali recipes when I’m back!! Having delayed our trek we had planned to take a jeep down the new road all the way to Kathmandu to save time. Our huge army style vehicle turned up surprisingly on time ready for a 6 hour mission home. The road we had been told about was however, no more than the side of the mountain roughly carved out – no tarmac or flat surfaces so it was truly a white knuckle ride as I gripped on to the handle next to me and dad clung onto his seat squished amongst the other locals who wanted to hitch a ride with us! As we bounced down we passed goats spray painted in multi colours, sari dressed hitch hikers, a man shaving in the road side gutter, raw chickens left unsupervised, legs akimbo chilling in shop fronts and of course plenty of sheer drops to the side of our wheels! At one point a man waving an Axe ran in front of our path and with the rain falling in a horror movie-esque way I was pretty sure that this as opposed to our driver’s questionable safety would be the end of us! Eventually it became clear that he wasn’t a murderer just a man who had be felling trees either side of the road and needed us to wait for him to slice up a particularly big trunk so we could pass! Eventually through rain, sleet and snow we reached Kathmandu and our third room at the Taleju hotel! Elated with our trekking achievements and having managed to not get carsick we headed out for falafels and let our achey muscles FINALLY relax! That evening I’m pleased to say we made a triumphant return to Rosemary’s where I managed a full three courses as opposed to a single bite on our previous visit!


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