Chapter 22 The One Where We Launch Our Indian Cookery Book

We woke late and had a leisurely stroll to a restaurant that we had discovered the previous day for a cookery class! All we knew was we could pick any 5 dishes from their vegan/veggie/gluten free Indian menu and would be shown by the restaurants owner and head chef how to make them! We were greeted with a huge platter of ingredients for our hyderabadi biryani, dal fry, corn cheese garlic chapatis, date and coconut energy balls and of course our favourite palak paneer! Manoj, who had just been interviewed by an Australian Masterchef, explained the restaurants history and his passion for eating good food as we chopped away, prepping ingredients for a red sauce or ‘gravy’ – the gorgeous base to our two main dishes. We were soon introduced to spices I had never heard of and the kitchen smelt INCREDIBLE. Tasting as we went and about 2 hours later our feast was ready! It was unbelievably good (even if I do say so myself) so readers you can definitely expect a recreation when I’m back!! We were stuffed so decided to lounge in the lovely cafe downstairs with our heart shaped spiced date power balls until we were just about ready to move again!
That afternoon we picked up Charlotte and josh – some amazing travel bloggers who were working at our hostel and happened to be sharing our dorm. We set off after some chai (obviously) to search in Udaipur’s local market for the famed 12 fingered perfume seller and to try and find some delish street food! This was the busiest market yet where we would turn a corner to confront a massive ox, a speeding tuk tuk, motorbikes and all of the classic Indian Staring McStarersons that we had come to almost get used to! After a solid hour of searching we couldn’t find the 12 fingered guy so decided to visit Charlotte and Josh’s favourite street food place for sweet chai and katchori these are like puffy pastries filled with lentils and potatoes and topped with curd and sweet chutney YUM! 
That evening Sara and I had decided to treat ourselves to an Ayurvedic massage! We decided that with our journey coming to an end and with so many hours carrying our massive bags we deserved it. It was so lovely if a little gentle as they sort of warmed the body by frantically rubbing each limb as opposed to dealing with tension and knots. However the head massage and face massage was incredible and for a fiver for a whole hour we couldn’t really complain! 


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