Chapter 21: The One With Nutella Pancakes

Shrove Tuesday did not go without celebration as our hostel had organised free Nutella pancakes on the beautiful rooftop to start the day! Obviously sara and I could not possibly refuse such a feast! Fuelled for the day ahead we strolled down through the markets to the city palace where we managed to persuade the ticket officer that we were students and quartered our entry fee – Sara and Abi 1 : Indian burocracy 0! The city palace itself was weirdly clinical with so much unnecessary signage corralling tourists around the building and museum galleries. Nonetheless we managed to sneakily snap some pictures of its gorgeous views, mosaics and miniature paintings despite the 250 rupee photography fee. Satisfied but not inspired we decided to head out and walk to a recommended hotel. In 33 degree heat we were dying for a cold pool and the Udai Kothi rooftop was perfect respite for us! Quiet and with few guests we settled there to read in peace, overlooking the lake and Udaipur’s rooftops where monkeys could be seen playing!
As our favourite time of day approached and the sun was beginning to set we traded one rooftop for another for some dinner. Dishes of bright green and super fresh mushroom palak and paneer butter masala filled us to the brim as we sat overlooking a gorgeously intricate Hindu temple. Practically waddling back to our hostel we couldn’t resist another trip to the roof and chilled with the friendliest travellers yet, swapping stories and photos late into the evening


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