Chapter 20 The One With The Sleepless Sleeper Train

We arrived at our carriage on the late night sleeper from Jaipur for Udaipur prepared to just crash an dhave a lovely sleep in our bunks before arriving the following morning. 8 hours later however I think Sara and I may have had 15 minutes of sleep between us! The families around us were screaming and laughing all through the night, the corridor light couldn’t be turned off so it was completely light, we had no AC so were sweating too much to cover our faces, beetles were falling on me from a vent above me and I was both crouching and curled on my bunk to avoid 50% of it that was covered in a mysterious black substance. I mean not to be princesses but you couldn’t use the bathroom as people had chosen to defecate across the floor of the tiny washroom… As morning came Sara and I were unsurprisingly knackered! 

Our mood was however considerably lightened when we reached the roof of our hostel. Overlooking the gorgeous lake Pichola and the beautiful white rooftops of Udaipur it was bliss. Fuled on breakfast as a substitute for sleep we blogged and journaled all morning before exploring the AMAZING markets in the city in the afternoon. We hopped from stall to stall haggling for ever last rupee and stopping at lovely cafes for much needed energy in the form of coffee, sandwiches and ice cream. I know we are straying from Indian food quite a bit now but there really is only so much dal two new vegetarians can handle! As the sun began to set we decided to head back to our beautiful roof top in our hostel to watch the sky turn from blue to amber and for the flickering lights of the city to appear and reflect on the lake. With eagles flying above us and an Indian feast on order this is bliss! After an awful journey it is safe to say I would do it again any time to visit this beautiful city filled with artists, amazing craft work, tiny winding streets and music everywhere! Rajasthan I love you! 


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