Chapter 18 The One Where With The Office Party

We woke to another amazing breakfast of buttery veg fried rice and fuled for the day headed to the Amber Fort, the honey hued, hand painted royal palace filled with gorgeous archways, mirrored ceilings and hidden pathways. After nailing our haggling we grabbed a bargain price tuk tuk into the center of the city to LMB a famous veggie restaurant that has been running since 1954. We feasted on onion Kulcha, mixed pakoras and Kari chokhandwalli – these dumplings in a sweet spicy almondy curry! This may have been an error as we received a text from a friend of Sara’s who was based in Jaipur and was actually fulfilling a drunken promise  agreed at the festival where they met to take us to dinner! 

Excited with the prospect of being shown the city by someone who had moved from the UK to work and live there we headed home to get ready. Mayank, who despite being a self proclaimed young party animal himself, had become overly protective and insisted we came home at 9pm that evening but after arguing our case we headed out followed by a fair amount of tutting from his sister at our choice of mascara to go with our usual nun like outfits – we were quite the scandal meeting a boy and his friends for dinner despite being covered up neck to toe! Doug, our host for the evening simply told us we should met his collegues at a central restaurant so Sara and I were expecting to be awkwardly crashing a ‘works do’. Thankfully when everyone arrived we were greeted by a group of amazing creative and young people who we quickly clicked with and gossiped the night away sipping beautiful gin and tonics under the stars in the magical Bar Palladio. Bombarded by messages from Mayank asking when we would be home we decided to stay at Dougs flat instead to avoid disturbing the family and to relax! Having spent the evening on their gorgeous balcony (they all work as furniture designers so it was decked out in loooovely furniture and antiques) we woke to fresh watermelon and mint juice and an INCREDIBLE brunch. Cheese croissants stuffed with creamed spinach, avocado and poached eggs cooked by Kaku one of our new pals! We al headed from there to a beautiful hotel pool to relax hungover in the sun and watch peacocks stroll by – BLISS! As the afternoon drew on we all headed to the apartment block’s rooftop to watch the sunset with the most incredible bloody Mary’s (again Kaku’s creation) before a take out feast covering all cuisines possible and a cute movie night snuggled on their sofas.



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