Chapter 15 The One With The Half Way Reflections

SO today, 3 buses, 2 flights and a cab later Sara and I finally left the south for our trip around the north of India and our final two weeks in the country. According to my current book few places are more conducive to internal conversations than travel so these are some thoughts I’ve had since leaving….
Things I’m getting used to

1. Terrifying overtaking on the roads despite the bashful stop signs lining the street

2. Eating with my hands

3. Showering with a bucket

4. Mosquito bites

5. Packing and unpacking and packing again

6. People who lack self awareness in hostels (farting guy in arambol, snorer in Palolem)

7. The trains

8. Delays

9. Feeling like an exotic circus animal being stared and shouted at by curious strangers

10. Soaking toilet seats where people lack the skills to use the bum gun spray
Things I have loved

1. Doing yoga on a rooftop in Goa

2. Finding masala chai spots and people who share my love for milky tea

3. The look on people’s faces when we attempt local languages

4. Living by the sea 

5. Unexpectedly finding amazing art galleries/festivals/exhibitions/performances 

6. Garlic roti

7. Finding places that become our favourites and returning again and again

8. Roof top gin and tonics

9. Living in a palace for a night

10. The glamour of Indian women – always coordinated, bejewelled in every possible place and so colourful (compared to me in all black, very sweaty and a little sunburnt)

11. Haggling for bargains

12. Palak paneer, vada pav, shredded papaya and the softest most delicious bread

13. Dancing barefoot under the stars on the beach

14. Having time to read books and beautiful places to do so

15. Drawing again 

16. Finding incense burning in tiny colourful cafes

17. Inspirational quotes on everything – the paper cup I’m drinking from tells me to greet the day with a smile and to follow my dreams


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