Chapter 14 The One Where I Might Just Be Finding Myself…!

Waking up as the sun peered though our windows Sara was significantly better and we decided to brave a day out into fort Cochin. The town itself was super sleepy and very beautiful, definitely one of my favourite places to date! We strolled past huge Chinese fishing nets that I had spent time studying in my final year of uni and found our way to a deserted pier looking into the sea. We set up a guided meditation app and chilled there listening to the ocean and it was a perfect start to our day!
From there we spent the day cafe hopping and exploring galleries and a fascinating exhibition of some beautiful black and white photography. Settling down in ‘Teapot’ one of our afternoon stops we read and journaled and it was there that I feel like I finally had time to relax and to think. Having read so many amazing case studies for political change over the last week and spent a lot of time thinking about how lucky I am to be living with the world as my oyster and to have a chance to constantly learn new things about the world and the people in it I felt so grateful. It made me think about a conversation we had with a guy from Goa who explained that it is not part of Indian culture to make crazy plans for the future but to live in the moment and for realistic goals which would go a lot against my own philosophy of always making future plans, trying new things and my ideals of life as being limitless. Two weeks in and perhaps I was starting to think about what I can contribute! So I have started to narrow things down. For me I think I want to really focus on following people that I have been inspired to read about, whether that may be the woman who created the life saving midwifery kit for her charity ‘we care solar’ or her husband who helped make it into an efficient business model, or perhaps the founder of Girls Learn who simply persisted in her passion for the importance of education. Either way I know I have plenty more research to do but some sort of direction is appearing and I left the cafe intensely happy! We spent our evening inspired, mastering the Indian bucket shower, updating our travel blogs ready for a long day of travelling to come and putting the world to rights with our chatting late into the night.


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