Chapter 10 The One Where We Raise The Roof In The German Bakery

After a romantic evening I woke to an unpleasantly rumbly stomach so to save Simone and Leonie – the new girls in our dorm from an unpleasant surprise I got straight up and out to the cafe next door for a very plain and stomach settling breakfast and to catch up on some journaling. Feeling significantly better when Sara joined me, we decided to head to Anjunas famous Wednesday market on the Beach.
We were both really pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was – spacious and expansive selling SO MUCH stuff – fabrics, clothes, jewellery, antiques and plenty of books so we used our practiced haggling to do a little shopping before settling down on sun loungers on the beach.
Most likely due to the market’s appearance the beach was busier with locals parading cows around and performing odd circus tricks so we spent the day eating fresh mango and watching the spectacles around us. As the sun set, Sara and I went back to our favourite elephant art cafe on the beach and ordered Bloody Mary’s (amazing) with this amazing Middle eastern food (there is so much here with so many Israeli tourists) – hummus and these “pizzas” using aubergine as a base and topped with a fresh tomato basil salsa and grilled feta and Gouda – SO DELISH!! 
That evening we headed with Simone and Leonie to the next door cafe – the German Bakery to watch a band (apparently from Stroud!) called the Turbans who were amazing!!! They played beautiful Gypsy Folk music and as the songs picked up pace Sara and I (obviously) got everyone dancing. By the end of the night we were leading a room full of crazy Russians in the sweatiest wildest grooving and it was such a perfect end to our time in Anjuna.



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