Chapter 9 The One On Valentine’s Day 

In such a spiritual soul-focussed place Sara and I have spent a lot of time soul searching and character analysing. In noting my lack of ability to let things happen and lack of ‘chill’ I had promised Sara a day in which I would challenge myself not to look at the time and not to plan! If you know me well enough you will know how I would STRUGGLE!

We began the morning (who knows what time) at this gorgeous French run restaraunt/home stay for breakfast. We walked past it a few times in the evening and you can just see all the guests dining in this beautiful lantern-lit space. I feel like this would be such a lovely job – serving people from around the world, cooking and making a beautiful space for people to enjoy a new country! Our breakfast was as will all the food so far just phenomenal! Spinach and mushroom crepes, fresh mint tea and papaya juice (my new favourite!). It did cost what the internet thought would be my budget for the day on food – £2 but that is virtually impossible unless all I ate was roti and plain rice – even then two of each would hit £2! 

After we were thoroughly satisfied we strolled back to the beach – possibly around midday – who knows! We set up camp at the quiet less lads holiday side of the beach – not that goa fills the stereotype as much as we had expected! Our day of disconnectedness from planning and timings was perfect just reading, relaxing, sipping on fresh coconuts and tanning – finally the jewellery sellers on the beach might stop telling me how round and white I am – “like chicken”… all in all however I feel like the world is my oyster and its LOVELY!

As we saw the sun starting to set we found our little space in the elephant art cafe on the beach – so pretty with beds on the sand shrouded in white canopies and had our best but to be honest – the only palatable gin and tonic to date as we watched he sun set into the sea. Poor communication with the waiter there means he thinks I am called Babi/barbie so I’m gonna need to get used to that when we most likely return for another gin before we leave!

After showering off our sand and sun cream in our tiny hostel shower, we headed back out for a super spicy dinner – our first so far! And spent our valentines evening watching the stars until we were too sleepy – what a LOVELY DAY!!

Updates soon



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