Chapter 8 The One Where I Break My Flipflops

After a beautiful morning chilling and journaling in the cafe next door to our hostel Sara finally woke and we headed to try and sort out our cash situation – between us we had only £1.50 after buying a pizza to console the fact we were so lost the night before! After a long hot walk we finally reached the banks to find that they would be out of cash for the next 5 hours so we settled at a beautiful nearby cafe to wait!
We couldn’t have selected a more gorgeous spot selling Israeli feasts fresh juices and beautiful clothes and jewels. The cafe ‘artjuna’ was a perfect spot to relax so Sara caught up on journaling and I did some sketching and suddenly we became the creative power couple of India – the artist and the writer and it was bloody wonderful! Hours later my flip flop managed to break after about 10 solid years of service so strapped on with a hairband we trudged back to the ATMs. This time however we were in luck and strolled to the beach to celebrate with gin and tonics in the sunshine through to sunset! Obviously with my broken shoe I had to buy a cheap replacement so for £3 purchased a delightful stripy pair of flip flops with a rather tacky slight wedge heel and the word doctor emblazoned on the straps – possibly appropriate with the amount of first aid I have here!).
We finished our evening with a beautiful curry as always – now a set menu of two rotis (cheaper and just as delish as naan) and two veggie curries – this time palak paneer – spinach and cheese and a butter dal fry – garlic, almond, lentil deliciousness! Finally route memorised we strolled back to our hostel with ease and squeezed into our tiny showers to rinse our disgustingly dirty feet after such a day of trekking!
Updates to follow!


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