Chapter 7 The One Where We Got Really Lost (promise mum it won’t happen again) 

We arrived in Anjuna sleepy and a little sunburnt after a day at Patnem – a much quieter beach just a little walk away from our usual spot in Palolem. Following our tradition of staying in Roadhouse hostels we were squeezed into the tiniest of dorms yet – a six bed that really didn’t have more than a meter square of floor space…
The windy drive from our hostel to this new tiny one made us both feel pretty gross so we headed to the German bakery – a beautiful canopied cafe space with low tables in little booths and ate delicious Lebanese style mezze platters that definitely settled our stomachs – the picture is of the bakery where I returned to begin writing this post!
From there we wandered down to the beach past bizarrely deserted open fields and abandoned houses and as the sun began to set it felt pretty spooky – very American horror story vibes! Soon enough however we hit the beach which was actually rather beautiful – sure there were plenty of neon lights but they were woven into the beach side restaurants and the lovely starry sky sort of dulled them a little.
We found our way to curly’s – a bar renowned in Anjuna for its parties and settled down for a few drinks. This however is where our evening took a turn! We strolled back along the beach with a couple of stops for beers along the way but it soon became clear that now in the dark we were definitely lost! Asking directions was futile as every answer we received was different – the one thing we were assured was we were very far maybe 2 hours walk from our bed…

Finally after I had pretty much resigned myself to finding some other hostel to sleep in until the morning we met some super helpful tourists who generously offered to give us a ride to our doors and we were finally home! Never have I been that excited to see the inside of the tiniest dorm in the world!

So yeah note to self – know where stuff is in the day before exploring in the dark!



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