Chapter 2: The One Where I Spend 4 Hours in Baggage Reclaim

Despite the foreboding title I have actually successfully managed to locate my big ol’ rucksack and am simply beginning my  waiting for Sara’s 18.35 flight to arrive. It may be early days yet but I have stockpiled breadsticks from the plane so feel like a seasoned survivor – the Bear Grylls of India some may say.

This also gives me plenty of time to recount experiences of my second flight of the journey. All in all it was pretty pleasant – my veggie breakfast korma with stir-fried coconut spinach, mint rice and paneer tikka was definitely a 6.5/10. It was served with a little sachet of “after dinner digestive” the texture of which can only be compared to gravel so probably one thing I won’t be returning to but god it has made me excited for trying actual delicious Indian meals which is pretty good for plane food. The woman being violently sick next to me for the final 45 minutes was the unfortunate ending to my arrival but my excitement and some Bridget jones sort of managed to drown her out. 

Mumbai airport is actually so pretty – spa music, water features and polished stone floors – I kind of feel like I’m in a hotel lobby and so far it’s really quite empty but I still have a solid 3 hours left so we shall see how long my peace lasts…



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