Chapter 1 : The One Where I Get On The Plane


So I started writing this post while in the airport and the sheer fear of my title jinxing my trip (as I was very much NOT yet on the plane) stopped me from actually writing any more than those 10 words. Now however I can confirm that I am not only on the plane but happily sat in an aisle seat with no one actually next to me so really I am living the dream. 

I’m definitely over my initial nerves and actually am incredibly excited as I type – admittedly the promise of an inflight beverage is helping with this but none the less it does seem rather surreal that in 12 or so hours time I will actually be in India! 


Updates/dilemmas so far – 1) I’ve left my eye mask in my hold luggage so am considering fashioning a balaclava style covering using the spare blanket on my empty seat, 2) Do I go for the chicken with gnocchi or my first curry of the trip?


Went for the lamb curry but definitely a solid 4/10 – rice was perfect but I’m 90% sure it wasn’t lamb…


Finally made it to what I hope is my gate at Dubai airport – currently trying to read the ticket details of my neighbour to confirm.


Okay so unless she is in the wrong place too I have absolutely nailed this and am going to try and attempt to get a little more sleep so for now I’m signing out. Bring on Mumbai Airport arrivals hall!



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